Team Goal

The Clean Snowmobile team works towards improvement on emissions, noise reduction, and performance of current production snowmobiles.  The team attends an annual competition against other teams and attend a series of challenges to test noise, emissions, and performance.

This year, 2021, the team has faced the challenge of focusing on producing simulation models in anticipation of a 100% virtual competition. The models will simulate engine performance, track performance and noise, and emissions.

Our team is oriented around providing an environment which allows members to find projects they are interested in to drive the team forward. This also allows members to gain industry-like experience through education and hands-on work.

“In a world where environmentally friendly transportation
and recreation technologies are becoming increasingly
regulated and important, the Michigan Technological
University Clean Snowmobile Team believes it is
particularly crucial to advance the sustainability of the
snowmobile industry to safeguard a better future for the
industry and the places we love to ride. The design
objectives of the SAE Clean Snowmobile Competition are
also aligned with the goals of targeting low-emissions,
increasing fuel economy, and creating a quiet snowmobile
that is still marketable as an exciting recreational vehicle. To
meet the goals of the competition and future needs of the
industry, the MTU Clean Snowmobile Team has developed
innovative package of snowmobile modifications that we
believe best meets the dual objectives to be environmentally
friendly and exciting to ride.”


Our team recruits a wide range of majors to influence diverse ideas. The team is currently comprised of mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, and even business majors. We look for students that are driven for new ideas, accountability, and are willing to work as a team towards new innovative solutions.